REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Notice is hereby given that proposals will be received by the City of West Richland, Washington for: City of West Richland Website Design & Development by filing with the City Clerk’s office: until January 15, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

Proposals submitted after the due date and time may not be considered. Vendors accept all risks of late delivery of mailed proposals regardless of fault. Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) information including general information, general terms and conditions, requested services, proposal requirements and evaluation process is available on the City’s website at

The City of West Richland reserves the right to reject any and all submittals and to waive irregularities and informalities in the submittal and evaluation process. This RFP does not obligate the City to pay any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation and submission of a proposal. Furthermore, the RFP does not obligate the City to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services. The successful Vendor must comply with the City of West Richland equal opportunity requirements. The City is committed to a program of equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, nationality or disability.

Dated this 7th day of December, 2020 Stephanie Haug, City Clerk

Website Design & Development RFP



  • We notice you are on WordPress currently. Are you looking to remain with that CMS or migrate to another platform?

We’d like to migrate to another platform with additional features.

  • Are there specific functionality issues or editing (editor) issues with the current CMS

We are interested in automating as many things as possible.  We’d also like my ability to engage with our citizens easier.

  • Do you have a separate Public Records Request form? Would that be of interest?

We have a PDF form that we use. As a smaller city, we do not currently warrant anything more for that process at this time.

  • Do you have a budget in mind for this project?

We anticipate a project of this nature ranging between $25- $35k.

  • Is there a preferred launch date for the site? If so, is there flexibility if needed?

We hope to have the new site up and running by July 2021.  We do not have a set date, but we hope to have the site implemented as soon as possible.

  • Will this be a low-bid award?

This is not a low-bid award.



The City of West Richland has established a small work roster process for small public work (construction/maintenance/repair) projects with an estimated cost of $300,000 or less.

The City of West Richland participates with a number of other Washington public agencies in using a shared roster database that is administered by Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC). MRSC established the Small Works database as a means of soliciting and notifying and contactors about opportunities to respond to quotes and bids.

To be considered for acceptance to the Small Works Roster, an application must be completed and submitted to MRSC. Acceptance to the roster does not guarantee work with any member agency.

To apply for the small works roster

  1. Go to:
  2. Click the “Join MRSC Rosters” button
  3. Create a FREE account and select City of West Richland in your application

If you have registration questions, please contact MRSC Rosters at 206-625-1300 or

For questions about a specific Small Works Roster project or you would like to see a list of projects awarded through the small works roster process, please contact Public Works by either emailing: or (509)967-5434.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of West Richland.