Police Assistance

Please report anything needing police (reports of crime, speeders, animal control officer etc.) directly to the dispatch center at (509) 628-0333 or call 911 for an emergency.

City Service Hotline

Report problems or request emergency service for city facilities including water leaks, sewer backup problems, utility location, damaged sidewalks, storm drainage problems, damaged stop signs, non-working street lights, pot holes, etc. to (509) 967-5434  (this is a 24-hour line).

Blowing Dust

Report instances of blowing dust or other air quality issues to the Benton Clean Air Agency.

Power Outages

Report power outages to Benton Rural Electric Association (BREA)  at 1-800-221-6987.  You may also want to view this website showing outages (if any).

Other Requests or Problems via On-Line Service Requests

Ex:  Code violation, citizen safety concern, street light out

The On-Line Service Request system allows visitors to request information, submit requests for service, or submit comments for review.

A ticket number is assigned to each new Service Request. Using this ticket number, the submitter can check back on the website at any time to view the current status of the request.

NOTE: Requests entered after hours will be received by City staff by 8:30 a.m. the next business day.

It is not necessary to register to submit a Service Request. However, if you do register then you will be able to track all the Service Requests submitted under your registration ID.

Submitting an email address with your Service Request will result in confirmation that the request has been received and will allow you to receive status updates for your request.

To submit a service quest, or to report a problem that does not involve police (ex: code violation, citizen safety concern, street light out, etc.) please visit the E-Gov Services Action Line website.