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The West Richland Police Department is committed to providing high quality service to the community. One service we provide is a citizens academy, which is a program designed to provide participants a working knowledge of the West Richland Police Department. The academy provides first-hand knowledge and front line experiences. The 2019 Citizens Academy will provide professional instruction in multiple disciplines. Graduates of the Citizens Academy may be trained to assist the Police Department with incidents, including but not limited to, parades, traffic control, and community events.

Topics that will be covered in the 2019 Citizens Academy include: Use of Force; Firearms; Traffic Control – Collisions; Traffic Enforcement; Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC); Patrol Procedures and Law Enforcement Technology and K9; Police Interviews and the selection process; Investigations – Interrogation and Interviewing, Crime scenes; and Gang Intelligence.

The 10 week academy for 2020 begins on September 22 and ends on October 28.. Attendees must be at least 18 years of age, and live or work in the City of West Richland.  For more information on how to register and become part of our team, contact the West Richland Police Department at 509-967-3425.

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Drone aircraft are expected to be a very popular holiday gift idea this season. These Drone aircraft are remote controlled from a variety of handheld controllers which may include a cell phone or tablet and may include live feed video. Under current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules certain Drone aircraft will require registration by January 20, 2016 or the operator would be in violation of FAA rules.  Please use link below for more information:

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