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Fire Protection Systems Confidence Testing

Testing Requirements

The International Fire Code and related standards specify the confidence testing requirements for the fire protection systems listed below. Property owners, or their designee, are solely responsible for the timely testing of fire protection devices, correcting deficiencies and reporting test results. Automatic courtesy notifications from Tegris Fire Inc. may be sent when systems are due for testing.

 Fire Alarms  Annually
 Automatic Sprinklers  Annually
 Fire Pumps  Annually
 Range Hoods  Semi-Annually
 Standpipes  Every 5 Years
 Rolling and Sliding Fire Doors  Annually
 CO2  Annually
 Clean Agents and Halon  Annually
 Dry Chemical  Annually
 Wet Chemical (except range hoods)  Annually
 Foam  Annually
 Emergency Generators  Annually
 Private Fire Hydrants  Every 5 Years
 Other Systems As determined by the West Richland Building Department


After the system is tested, the testing contractor will submit the results to West Richland Building Department using the Tegris Fire Inc. online reporting system. Any system deficiencies shall reported and may require correction before the system is approved by the Building Department.

See our standard for Fixed-Fire Protection Equipment Testing.