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The City of West Richland provides its own animal control services. Animal Control, part of the Police Department, is responsible for enforcing all City regulations pertaining to pet ownership including the impound of stray animals.

Stray or at large animals are maintained in a City shelter for 72 hours.  If you believe that your animal has been impounded please contact the West Richland Police Department at 967-3425.   Owners of lost animals should call immediately to maximize the chances of reuniting with their pet. The information will be entered into our database for comparison with known impounds and will also be available to officers patrolling the community.

Call non-emergency dispatch at 509-628-0333 if you have concerns that require immediate officer attention.

Call 9-1-1 for vicious or dangerous animals that are an immediate threat.

Animals Available for Adoption

None now – please check back!

For More information and regulations on Animals in West Richland, Visit the Animals Page under Community Resources.