What are Cross Connections and BackFlow testing?

Cross connections are any potential for the contamination of the City water supply due to the backflow of contaminated water into the pipes which feed into the house or come from the City's water mains.

A common type of backflow that can occur is from an irrigation system.

In accordance with State law, backflow prevention assemblies are required to be installed on any irrigation systems that are connected to City water. Additionally, those backflow prevention assemblies are required to be tested annually.

The City employs a Cross Connection Specialist that will send a postcard reminder the month before your test is due. You will need to hire a certified tester to complete the test and have the test results sent to the City by the due date.

The City maintains a listing of certified testers if you are unsure of who to use.

It is important to complete the test by the due date. Failure to do so may result in termination of your water service until the test is completed and the results are received by the City.

For more information, please see our Cross Connection Information (PDF), a list of certified backflow testers as well Departments/Public Works/Cross-Connection Control Program. You may also call the City's Cross Connection Specialist, Brandon Dawkins, at 509-967-5434 with any questions you may have.

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