Sewer System

Sewer Operations & Maintenance

The City's sewer system consists of the following:

  • 1.5 million gallons per day Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)Sewer View
  • 65 miles of sanitary sewer piping
  • A telemetry system that monitors lift stations and the WWTP
  • Operation of a sewer camera truck used to video problem areas and determine if satisfactory cleaning was completed, etc.
  • Operation of a Vactor truck used to clean sanitary sewer main lines
  • Three sanitary sewer lift stations

BIOLAC System Information

There are over 250 installations in the United States and another 350 international installations covering the full spectrum of wastewater treatment applications. Control for air distribution to the aeration chains and the basin's dissolved oxygen content provide moving waves of multiple oxic/anoxic environments. These "zones" provide for nitrification, denitrification, and biological phosphorous removal in the patented Wave Oxidation process. Rising air from fine bubble diffusers, suspended near the bottom of the basin, create lateral displacement of the floating aeration chains. Their slow, continuous oscillation creates unique high-efficiency mixing using one-third to one-quarter of the energy of fixed systems.

Sewer Back-Up

If you experience a sewer backup please do the following:

  • If a dishwasher, washing machine, shower, bathtub, toilet, or other water fixture is operating shut it off immediately
  • Call the Public Works Department at 509-967-5434 (This is a 24-hour number)
  • The City Wastewater Crew will inspect the City sewer mainline
  • If the blockage occurs in the City's sewer main, the Wastewater crew will correct the problem
  • If the blockage is on the resident's side service the City crew will inform you immediately; At this time you may elect to contact a plumber (at the resident's expense)

Grinder Pumps

Please read Homeowner's Guide to Grinder Pumps for information on your Grinder Pump. If you are experiencing difficulties with your grinder pump system please follow the steps listed in this document. Please contact the supplier for the pump, HD Fowler of Pasco, WA at 509-545-0255 if you participated in the Polo Club Sewer LID.

View the Homeowner's Guide to Grinder Pumps (PDF).