Who:     Lakes and Mountain Meadow neighborhoods

 What:   Well #10 Testing

When:  Friday, April 30 and again between May 10 – May 13

What to expect: Tap water may have a different taste as the water source changes.

On Friday, April 30 and from May 10 – 13, the City of West Richland will test Well #10. During this time, the inter-tie with Richland will be turned off, and the majority of the water received by the residents in the Lakes and Mountain Meadow neighborhoods will be primarily sourced from Well #10.

Since the water source will change, residents may find that the water tastes slightly different. The Richland inter-tie supplies treated water from the Columbia River while Well #10 supplies water from an aquifer in West Richland. Please be assured this change in taste is only due to a water source change—just as different bottled waters retain a distinct taste.

Why is the testing taking place?
The City of West Richland is committed to ongoing improvements to our well and aquifer system. Since 2007, we’ve implemented several projects to improve Well #10, and the current project is funded by a grant received from the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). Ecology requires testing at various project milestones.

Last summer, we performed similar testing. At that time, the testing took place while the inter-tie continued to supply water—meaning residents received water from both Well #10 and the Richland inter-tie. A few residents of the Lakes and Mountain Meadow neighborhoods noticed a slight change in water taste at that time.

During the upcoming test, Ecology needs the inter-tie turned off to eliminate any “background noise” for the test. Therefore, we anticipate more residents will notice a change in water taste.

Do I need to do anything if I notice a different taste?
No. This is simply a change of sources. The City of West Richland Drinking Water Quality report that includes Well #10 can be found here: https://westrichland.org/download/Public%20Works%20Documents/WQR-West-Richland-2021-Web.pdf

If you experience any other concerns, please call us at (509)967-5434 and select option 1 so that a City employee can be dispatched to your home or business to address the concern. The (509)967-5434 number also serves as the City’s after-hours water emergency number. Your after-hours call with be routed to a local answering service company that will dispatch a City maintenance employee 24/7.

What is the Well #10 Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Conversion project?
The City of West Richland is in need of an additional potable water source to meet current and projected municipal water system demands through 2038. The Well No. 10 Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Project in partnership with the Department of Ecology allows West Richland to meet this demand in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner by withdrawing Columbia River water during high winter month flows and storing the water in an underground aquifer until needed to meet peak summer demands. We are currently in the Well Rehabilitation and Aquifer Testing phase, phase 2b, of this project that began in 2017.

Ecology has previously provided grant funding assistance for other Columbia Basin ASR projects. In 2018, they awarded the City of West Richland $135,000 for use on this project, and during the 2019 Legislative Session, the Mayor and Public Works Director were successful in obtaining an additional $564,291 grant from Ecology for phase 2a of the Well #10 ASR Project.

The Mayor and Public Works Director have requested an additional $1.0M grant from Ecology be included in the State’s 2021-2023 biennial budget to fund phase 2b. Phase 2b’s scope of work includes preliminary permitting and additional aquifer testing.

The City continues to work with Ecology staff and local State Legislators to secure the remaining funds needed to complete the ASR Project by the end of 2025, an additional $2.74M to fund phase 3 – design and construction and phase 4 – final pilot testing and ASR approval.

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