The 2020 Census is much more than just a head count. It also gives you an opportunity to shape the future for yourself, your family, and your community. Data collected through the census:

1) Provides a picture of our nation and its communities and helps determine where to build new schools, hospitals, and businesses.

2) Informs the allocation of more than $675 billion in federal funding to states and communities each year for programs that support education, housing, health facilities, transportation, emergency services, food assistance, and more.

3) Determines how many representatives each state will have in Congress. 

Census responses also help your community in other ways. For example, the information can be used to help protect civil rights laws and determine when services should be provided in other languages. The information can also attract businesses that cater to communities with diverse populations. It can help employers better understand the local talent pool and provide new job opportunities

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The online portal to answer the census and the toll-free numbers will begin operation on March 12.  The website to answer the census is  A large “RESPOND NOW” button will take you directly to the questionnaire.

List of Toll-Free Numbers for language and TDD assistance