Link to Snow Removal FAQ’s

With a population of over 14,000 residents and over 138 lane miles of roadways, the City strives to provide a safe and acceptable level of snow and ice control. Our fleet consists of four dump trucks equipped with snow plows and sander beds, a one-ton pickup truck with a snow plow, a one-ton pickup truck with a sander and a one-ton pickup truck with deicing equipment. In emergency situations, outside contractors and equipment may be used. 

The City relies on information such as wind, temperature, humidity, current and projected snow accumulation, and monitors several weather forecasts to determine equipment and methods utilized for storm events. When the weather forecasts a high probability of a snow storm or icy conditions, the street division is mobilized to apply liquid anti-icing chemicals to arterial streets, collector streets and steep hill streets. The amount of accumulation and recurrence of storm events determine if and when plowing and sanding equipment will be called out in accordance with the following priorities:  1) Steep hill streets (Bombing Range Road, Collins Road, S. 45th Ave, Mazzard Ave, and Candy Mountain Ave); 2) Main arterial streets; 3) Collector streets and school zones; and 4) Residential streets. 

During severe or prolonged snow storm events, priority 1 and 2 streets may have to be plowed numerous times before moving onto lower priority streets. On occasion the road conditions have become so severe the Police Department has had to close the hill section of Bombing Range.  If this occurs, please use Paradise Way, Belmont Blvd., and Keene Road to access Van Giesen. 

During minor snow events when temperatures are predicted to rise well above freezing, priority 4 residential streets are typically not plowed. When residential streets are plowed, it is inevitable that driveways and sidewalks will be blocked. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but please understand that it cannot be avoided.

Use this link to go to the Streets Page which includes a Snow Removal section with the policy and plow and deicer maps.