Water System

Water Operation & MaintenanceWaterlines

The City's water system consists of the following:

  • Seven groundwater wells and an inter-tie connection with the City of Richland that provides nearly 750 million gallons of drinking water annually (peak day demand of 6.3 million gallons and average day demand of 3.8 million gallons)
  • Five reservoirs ranging in size from 250,000 to two million gallons with a total capacity of 3.8 million gallons
  • 100 miles of water system piping
  • 4,550 water service connections
  • Seven water pressure zonesReservoirdog
  • Eight pressure reducing vaults
  • Two booster pump stations
  • A telemetry system that controls reservoir levels and on/off of the wells and alarms.

Current Water Conservation Report (PDF)- updated March 2023

Current Water Quality Report (PDF) - updated April 2023

Current Water System Plan (PDF) - Approved June 2017

Water System Standard Specifications

High Water Pressure Notice