Civil Engineering Division

The City of West Richland's Civil Engineering Division operates in the Public Works Department and provides several different services. Among these services are Plan Review, Construction Inspection, and Project Design.


The design staff implements capital improvements projects for the municipal utilities and streets. Staff engineers/designers with the help of the Public Works Contract Administrator, prepare and administer construction contracts within the staff's area of expertise. In addition to capital projects, the design group supports many City functions by maintaining accurate records of installed infrastructure.

Private Development Plan Review 

The plan review staff is responsible for reviewing proposed streets, water, sewer, and storm drain utilities on all plans for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Subdivisions. This is done to ensure new construction conforms with the City's Standard Specifications and Details and will function as intended within the City's existing infrastructure.


All construction of public infrastructure within the City of West Richland limits is subjected to approval from a City Inspector to ensure the quality and integrity of the City's infrastructure. The inspector monitors construction methods, materials, and recommends acceptance of the completed work to the City Engineer.

Water & Sewer Connection Fees

The City connection fees are broken into 4 categories: Water, Sewer, Miscellaneous, and Latecomers Fees. Each subdivision fee can be slightly different depending on the time the subdivision was platted and whether irrigation water is provided by a private source.

Please contact the Public Works Department for residential, commercial, and industrial connection fees.

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