Economic Development

The Economic Development Program for the City of West Richland is a component of the Community Development Department.

Program GoalOpportunity Community

The program goal is to improve the city's economic vitality opportunity and competitiveness by investing our time and resources wisely as we implement the council's Economic Development Plan and strategic focus areas. We seek to leverage limited resources through partnerships, grants, and investments from public and private entities; through building solid and trusting relationships and a "customer-friendly" environment with commercial and industrial developers; and through public involvement and two-way communications.

The Economic Development Plan

City Profile, Traffic Counts & Data

Information on the city of West Richland has been compiled into a West Richland Community Data Report.

  • An infographic provides some detail and information on the need for more Economic Development and related investments and growth in the City of West Richland.
  • Belmont Business District Flyer (PDF) - Commercial land for sale or lease 
  • For more information, contact Eric Mendenhall.
Infographic Shot