The purpose of the salary commission is to set the salaries of the Mayor and City Council Members of the City of West Richland.  The goal of the salary commission is to base salaries of elected officials on realistic standards so that the elected officials may be paid according to the duties of their offices and so that citizens of the highest quality may be attracted to public service. The salary commission shall have the duty, at such intervals as determined by the commission, to review the salaries paid by the City to each elected City official.

The salary commission will meet in the second year of the city’s biennial budget period during the months of August or September or as necessary to conduct the business entrusted to the commission by this ordinance.

Members of the Salary Commission:

Nancy Aldrich, Chairperson
Vacant position
David Fetto
Greg McDowell
Robert Perkes

Adopted Elected Officials Salary Schedule
Link to meeting packet for 9-13-16
Minutes of September 13, 2016 Salary Commission Meeting
Link to meeting packet for 9-20-16
Minutes of September 20, 2016 Salary Commission meeting
Minutes of October 7, 2016 Salary Commission Meeting.
Draft minutes of Salary Commission meeting on October 18, 2016
 Audio Recording of Salary Commission Meetings:
September 13, 2016
September 20, 2016 (the battery for the portable recording equipment died so the last 16 minutes of this meeting are not recorded)
October 7, 2016
October 18, 2016