A larger facility will have adequate space for daily operations to improve policing services and reduce liability for taxpayers. It will include a larger public lobby, expanded Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) services, community room and training space, secure and larger evidence room and armory, climate controlled kennels, adequate work spaces, secure interview rooms, shower facilities, secured storage and parking.

Interview Rooms – The proposed facility would have multiple rooms in which to conduct investigative interviews and question suspects. The current facility has just one, which means suspects may be kept in patrol cars or administrative offices until the room becomes available. The interview rooms also would be soundproof and secure to prevent an individual from bolting into public areas.

Shower Facilities – Police officers are exposed to blood, vomit and other toxins during routine 911 calls. Providing them with shower facilities means they can clean and decontaminate themselves at the station as opposed to taking these substances home to their families.

Armory and Evidence Rooms – The armory and evidence rooms in the police facility would meet current police accreditation standards and state security requirements. The armory would be adequately sized to securely hold and maintain weapons and other equipment needed by police officers. There also would be enough room to maintain records, store and process evidence from investigations.

Community Meeting Room and Officer Training Space – A citizen committee recommended that the new facility include training space for officers that could double as a community meeting room. Having different spaces serve multiple purposes is cost-efficient and maximizes its use.

Climate-Controlled Kennel – Community members approached City Council to express concern about the current kennel conditions for Animal Control. The proposal calls for adequate space for lost or abandoned animals in a climate-controlled environment.