B/F Council of Governments Brent Gerry Gail Brown
B/F Council of Governments
Small Cities Group
Aaron Lambert Mike Stevens
Benton County Mosquito Control Richard Bloom n/a
B/F Housing Continuum of Care Steven Shupe Gail Brown
B/F Transit

Richard Bloom

Rich Buel

B/F/Walla Walla Good Roads Gail Brown Roscoe Slade
Emergency Management (SECOMM) Brent Gerry John Smart
BC Fire District #4 Don Engelman Gail Brown
Hanford Advisory Board Jerry Peltier Richard Bloom
Law & Justice Council Brent Gerry Don Engelman
Port of Kennewick Gail Brown Ken Stoker
Salmon Recovery Board Rotate as needed n/a
Visit Tri-Cities Rich Buel Steven Shupe
TC Regional Chamber Rich Buel Steven Shupe
West Richland Chamber Ken Stoker Aaron Lambert
TRIDEC Board of Directors Brent Gerry Don Engelman
TRIMATS-PAC Richard Bloom Ken Stoker
Solid Waste Disposal Richard Bloom John Smart
Hanford Communities Steven Shupe Richard Bloom

Other Mayor Liaison Meetings 

Port of Kennewick and City Joint Economic Development Committee – Quarterly or as needed

METRO – Quarterly

Tri-City National Park Board – Monthly

Energy Communities Alliance – Quarterly

Monthly Meeting of Area Mayors – Monthly

Various Chamber of Commerce Meetings – varies

CEDS – Annually or as needed

BIPIN – Quarterly

Legislative Task Force Committees – Annually

Joint City, County and Port meetings – as needed

Council subcommittee meetings – as needed

Meetings of area City Managers – as needed

TRIDEC Executive Board (different than regular board) – Quarterly