Economic Developmedavolunteernt Board: Citizens developing a strategic path for the economic vitality of West Richland.

The Economic Development Board is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. Board Members are appointed to serve four year terms, but can be reappointed for additional terms.

The Economic Development Board makes recommendations to the City Council and Mayor relative to the development of strategies for economic development and the ongoing monitoring, assessing, and strengthening of economic development strategies in the City of West Richland.

Major functions of the Board include:

· Formulate economic development goals for the City in structured framework with both time and measurement criteria.

· Assess economic development policies for the purpose of recommending such modifications as may be appropriate to achieve the economic goals approved by the City Council.

· Formulate new economic development plans, policies, and strategies for the purpose of assuring achievement of the economic development goals approved by the City Council.

· Have an advisory role with the City Council and Mayor, and provide a connection to the general public on economic development issues.

Current Economic Development Board Members:
Davin Diaz
Trini Garibay
Steve LePage
Aimie Green