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Frequently Asked Questions    

Services we Provide:

Water, sewer, stormwater management and garbage services are provided by the City of West Richland.  In certain areas, the City also provides irrigation with Columbia Irrigation District (CID) or Kennewick Irrigation District (KID). 

Starting Utility Service:

Utility account opening information:

  • Utility Accounts for addresses in the City of West Richland service area are established only for property owners or their legal tenants.
  • An application for service will be required for each address.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide information such as personal identification information, telephone numbers, and a previous address for the primary applicant of the property.
  • Proof of ownership or a copy of a valid rental/lease agreement must be provided.
  • Any outstanding charges owed to the City of West Richland by any adult resident of the premises plus any required fees, charges, and deposits, must be paid before an application can be approved.
  • Customers can fill out an application here .  Applications and required documents, including photo identification, must be submitted in person at our office during regular business hours.
  • Services will be provided on the next business day following approval of the completed application.
  • When a tenant requests to have services discontinued the account will automatically transfer back into the owner’s name as an active account. 

Application for Utility Services

Residential Rates

Commercial Rates

Utilities Information

Garbage Can Change Request Form


Online Payment:

Pay your bill online using the following link.  You will need a copy of your utility bill.  You will be prompted to enter your name (enter it EXACTLY as it appears on your bill), your account number and current email address.

How to register for online bill pay

Online Bill Payment Link  

 Direct Debit:

Direct debit auto pay is available for payment of utility bills. 

Direct Debit Enrollment and Change Form

Pay by Phone:

Pay your bill 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week through our automated phone system. 
Call 1-800-918-0468 and follow the prompts to have your payment applied.  Credit card and E-Check are accepted. 

You will need your complete nine digit account number with dash to use this system.


Important Notice to customers using their own bank's bill payment system.  These payments are not immediately applied to your City of West Richland account.  Please arrange for payments to be initiated at least five days prior to the due date.


Lev el Pay:

This program allows residential customers to have the same monthly utility payment amount for a twelve-month period. The payment amount is set by calculating the average monthly water charges for the past twelve months and adding the fixed monthly charges for garbage, storm and, if applicable, sewer and irrigation.

Each year the difference between the actual charges for the previous twelve months and the total paid during those twelve months through Level Pay will be incorporated into the next twelve-month period payment calculation. 

Level Pay Enrollment Form

Level Pay Requirements

  • Level payment plan billing may be established at any time but it is best to wait until there are at least 12 months of service history to account for seasonality and other factors which can affect usage. 
  • If there are less than 6 months of history available, the City may use the water charge history from a previous customer at that same service address. An additional 15% will be added to the account for potential variations in use between customers. Once achieving 12 months of history, the customer can request a recalculation. The City reserves the right to recalculate as it deems necessary based on actual use.
  • For an existing customer to sign up for level payment plan:
    • The customer’s account balance must be paid in full prior to enrollment.
    • There cannot have been any late payments in the previous 12 month period at any service address within the City.
      • Two or more late payments and/or one service termination will result in termination or disqualification of the Level Payment Plan.
      • See the Payment arrangement Policy for details on delinquencies and criteria for payment arrangements.
    • Level payments are delinquent if not paid by the bill due date.
    • Tenants must have a signed authorization from the owner to participate.
    • The customer must complete and sign the Enrollment Form which is available on the City’s website or at the City Administration Building.
  • For a new customer to sign up for level payment plan:
    • The service address account balance must be paid in full prior to enrollment.
    • Tenants must have signed authorization from the owner to participate.
    • The customer must complete and sign the Enrollment Form which is available here or at the City Administration Building.
  • Customers not meeting the Plan requirements may request consideration by submitting a written request to the City Utility Billing Department explaining their circumstances and what they are requesting.

       Promissory Notes:

If a residential utility customer is unable to pay the full amount of utility charges because of temporary financial difficulties or other hardship, a promissory note may be granted upon approval.  Beginning February 28, 2013, customers will be allowed two promissory notes during a calendar year provided, however, that the city will be under no obligation to enter into any deferred payment agreement with any customer who has not fully and satisfactorily complied with terms of any previous agreement or with any customer with a currently delinquent account.  A fee equal to 10% of the deferred balance will be added to the account balance up to a maximum of $20.00. The deferred balance must be paid in full by the 15th day in the following month in which the original bill was due.  A promissory note will not be issued to a tenant without signed approval by the property owner.  Forms must be received by the billing due date (25th of the month).  Forms can be faxed to (509) 967-5706, placed in the drop box or turned in at the counter.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.  For questions, please contact 967-3431.

Promissory Agreement - Application for Deferred Payment

Disconnecting Service:   

Are you moving?  Please stop by the City Administration office to remove your name from the account, providing 48 hours notice to take the meter reading.  A forwarding address will be required to send your closing bill.  If you are selling your home, please ensure to new owners sign up for new service.

If you have already relocated and it is impossible to come to the Administration Office, please FAX the discontinue service form with your forwarding address and signature to 509-967-5706.

Discontinue Service Form

Temporary Disconnection of Service

To request a temporary water shut off, please complete and submit a Temporary Discontinuance Form to (509) 967-5706 or utilities@westrichland.org.  With a two day notice the cost is $15 to shut the water off, and an additional $15 to turn it back on.  Request for water shut-off or turn-on with less than a two day notice is $40.00 between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday, (excluding holidays).  After hours turn-on or emergency shut-off is $70.00.  Please pay the Water On/Off fees at City Hall.

Temporary Discontinuance Form

Utility Department Contact Information: 

City Administration Building
3801 W. Van Giesen Street
West Richland, WA  99353

General utilities email address is utilities@westrichland.org

Phone:  509-967-3431
Fax:      509-967-5706 


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