How many chickens am I allowed to raise on my property?

Chickens are considered "small domestic animals" in our zoning code. Other examples of small domestic animals include dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, geese, pigeons, chickens, or other similar animals over the age of six months. The number of small domestic animals you are allowed to keep depends on your residential zoning district:

  • Those living in zones RM-6, R-1MBH, R-2MBH, MR-2, and MR-3 are allowed up to two small domestic animals per dwelling unit.
  • Individuals in zones RL-40, RL-22, RM-20, RM-15, RM-12.5, and RM-10 are allowed up to 5 small domestic animals per dwelling unit.

Therefore, depending on your zoning district and the number of pets or other small domestic animals you already have, you may be allowed to be a chicken farmer! Please note that although roosters are not specifically prohibited, there are noise ordinances in the city to consider and you are discouraged from raising roosters. There are also codes related to nuisances (offensive smells, noises, other conditions) and specific penalties for violations of those codes.

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