City History

About West Richland

Located near the Columbia River, West Richland offers a vibrant community and an economy based on private industry and commerce. The region boasts some of the best recreational opportunities around, including water-skiing, boating, and picnicking. The city's integrated park system, river shore, and wide-open living spaces add to the quality of life found here.

West Richland was officially incorporated on June 13, 1955. Originally in Oregon territory, West Richland's sagebrush and river willow became Washington Territory in 1853. The railroad, gold panning in the Yakima, and the good ole cowboy way of life were rooted themselves in the making of West Richland. Since the 1940s when the Navy came and established a presence, the good life only continued to flourish as the Tri-Cities itself began to take shape in a variety of booming industries. While the rest of the Tri-Cities are showing the signs of growth and commerce, West Richland continues to hold on to its open charm and quiet, even while it expands its own horizon.

The City of West Richland is centrally located to all major Northwest markets and features an extensive transportation system that includes air, highway, river barge, and railway.