S.38th/Mt Adams View Drive Project Updates:

August 17, 2018 Project Update:

The Contractor finished the  roadway subgrade, installed base rock on Mt. Adams View Drive and is working on subgrade and base rock on S. 38th Ave between Mt. Adams View and Northlake. The Contractor experienced a slight set back when an un-located irrigation main was hit on Wednesday but was quickly shut off and no damage to private property occurred. The City is currently working on a fix to lower the irrigation main to eliminate the conflict. The Contractor will continue working on subgrade and base rock on S.38th south of Mt. Adams View the week of August 20th. Current project schedule indicates the week of August 27th the Contractor will begin working on subgrade on S 38th Ave. north of Mt. Adams View Drive. During these activities there may be short durations of rough road conditions and heavy equipment present.

Please drive slowly and with caution for your safety and the safety of the workers.

August 9, 2018 Project Update:

The Contractor has finished the installation of the drywells and catch basins on the south end of S 38th Ave this past week and have started working on the subgrade on Mt Adams View Drive. The Contractor is scheduled to continue grading subgrade on Mt Adams View Drive the week of August 13th and also begin laying base rock.  The Contractor will than move to blading and compacting subgrade and placing base rock on S 38th Ave between Mt Adams view and Northlake. The City asks that drivers try to take an alternate route avoiding the active construction equipment if possible.

July 27, 2018 Project Update:

The contractor installed utility conduit crossings the week of July 23, 2018. The week of July 29, 2018 the contractor will begin working on catch basins and drywells on the south end of S.38th near Northlake Drive. Roadway grading is expected to start on Mt. Adams View Drive the week of August 8, 2018.

July 16, 2018 Project Update:

The City has hired Tapani, Inc. for the construction of the S. 38th Ave / Mt Adams View Drive project.  Construction is expected to begin July 16, 2018. The Contractor will be constructing the project in sections to reduce the overall impacts to residents.  The Contractor will begin with removing and relocating fences, clearing and grubbing vegetation, installing utility crossings, and storm drywells.  Towards the middle of August the Contractor will begin grading the roadway subgrade on Mt. Adams View followed by the placement of rock to help with the extended rough road conditions. They will then proceed to the southern end of S. 38th Ave between Mt. Adams View and Northlake Dr. followed by the northern portion of S. 38th Ave between Cherry Hills and Mt. Adams View.  The current project schedule has the roadways being rocked and ready for pavement by the end of September with paving scheduled for the first week of October.  Please remember the schedule is subject to change once construction is under way.

 If you have specific questions about this project, please contact West Richland Public Works at (509)967-5434