How to Start Your Service

Access the New Account Packet (PDF). In the packet you will find the following:

  • Welcome from the Mayor
  • Application for Service - this should be filled out completely. The "Date service to begin" should be the next day after your closing date or the date of the start of your lease agreement
  • SmartPay enrollment (optional)
  • Utility rate information - for your information (please also see "What Are My Utility Rates" below)
  • Cross connection information - for your information, important, please read
  • Information on City parks - for your information
  • Other helpful information about the City - for your information

Our office is unable to process new utility applications in person while the Municipal Services Facility (MSF) is closed to the public until further notice due COVID-19. Staff can accept applications electronically through email at or fax at 509-967-5706. Applicants may also submit applications via mail or drop them off at the MSF night drop box at 3100 Belmont Boulevard West Richland, WA 99353.

Required Documents to Start Service:

  • Signed Application for Service
  • Copy of official photo identification (typically a driver's license).
  • Notarized copy of the proof of ownership (e.g. deed of trust). Note: If you do not have a notarized copy of your deed, our office will try to work with the closing company to obtain a copy.

All required paperwork should be received by the City within 72 hours of closing date.

This process should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes once you get to the counter if you already have all your paperwork completed, signed, and available.